About Us

Utkarsh Mahey (Founder)

My name is Utkarsh Mahey and I attend Sandra Day O’ Connor high-school within Arizona USA. Looking at the news in India for the past few weeks has been very disturbing.

If you are not aware of the situation, India has seen an explosion of COVID-19 cases in the past month or so. There’s complete pandemonium and distress. People need oxygen, medical beds, relief. They need help. People are loosing their loved ones daily and I am not alone in sharing my grief; like me there’s countless other families who’ve been affected by this virus. We need to take action now.

YESTERDAY it was New York USA, TODAY it is New Delhi India, TOMORROW it can happen any where.

All the media, Instagram, FB and WhatsApp is full of messages of govt. failure or just “RIP”. Typing “RIP” or condolence messages is an after thought, what can we do that we don’t have to do that is what this platform is all about.

As I stand today, this platform should provide these basic capabilities

  • Provide help to those who are suffering.
  • Save those who have survived.
  • Allow people to provide their services and supplies in a secured way.

Vasudha Das (Co-Founder)

My name is Vasudha Das, and I attend Normal Community High School in Illinois. Watching the pandemic devastate India and affect many of my relatives has been incredibly difficult and prompted me to take action in this crisis. Although there had been many efforts to help India, donations are now few and far between. But the pandemic is not over yet. India’s COVID-19 situation may not be in the top headlines of the news anymore, but vulnerable groups are still in need of supplies and resources to recover from the effects of the pandemic. In addition, misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine has increased vaccine hesitancy or refusal in many communities. Tackling this stigma must be a priority, as new variants will continue to emerge and put people at risk until herd immunity is achieved. Supplies for Covid Patients will help optimize distribution efficiency and encourage people to get vaccinated for the well-being of themselves and those around them.

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